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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Landowner Groups and a Derelict State - A Recipe for Corruption

Landowners disorganised
By MOHAMMAD BASHIR (Post-Courier, 22/10/10)
A good number of the 38 Hides PDL1 and Hides PDL7 landowner companies recommended for payment of seed capital were one-man shareholding companies while several were not registered with the Investment Promotions Authority.
Although Commerce and Industry Acting Secretary John Andreas recommended Treasury Secretary Simon Tosali to pay those lancos and umbrella companies the BDGs expeditiously, the criteria breached the 10 strict guidelines set by the department itself.
While Mr Andreas agreed the payments stalled as a result of the court injunction taken out by Gigira Development Corporation chairman Stanis Talu, he could not elaborate because the matter is subjudice. The first 13 BDG cheques were successfully disbursed to landowner companies identified under the LBBSA in September by Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris ,witnessed by senior officers of line Government agencies.
Hides Gas Development Corporation was to be paid 30 per cent which equated to K5 million, but it was to be withheld until its restructure, which is currently underway, was completed.
Under the MoA provision 1.3, 30 per cent of the umbrella lancos to be paid K3 million each were Hides Gas Resource Ltd and Hides PDL1 Development Corporation Ltd. PDL1 submissions for block companies (EOI applicants) were to receive 40 per cent, which equated to K1 million but the companies were not specified. The rest of the approved lancos for PDL1 include Hiwa Corporation Ltd (K1,750,000), Tuguba PDL1 Ltd (K612,000), Tuguba Original Investment Ltd (K612,000), Tuguba Development Corporation (K262,500), Tugu-ba Investments Ltd (K262,500), JP Karai Pupa Holdings Ltd (K437,500), JP Karai Hides Ltd (K437,500), Tugu Tapira Ltd (K437,500), Tugu Kuara Tapira Nane-Hene Ltd (K437,500), Buluaro Holdings (K297,500), Hides Resource Owners Investments Ltd (K402,500), Mbuta Lunguni Holdings Ltd (K87,500), Ilu (K87,500), Bele Holdings Ltd (K350,000), Koe-Ebi Dev Corporation Ltd (K218,750), Kamia Kera Holdings Ltd (K87,000), Tuguba Holdings (K218,750),

For PDL7, HGDC was to get K3 million which is also 30 per cent and would also be withheld until completion of restructure while the 30 per cent umbrella lancos include Gigira Hides 4 Joint Venture (K3,000,000), Gigira Parepare Resources Ltd (K1,500,000), Hides 4 Parepare Holdings Ltd (K700,000) and Kewapa Development Corporation Ltd (K700,000).
The 40 per cent block allocation include Tuguba Nguane Investments Ltd (K300,000), Kayumba Hides 4 Development Corporation (K800,000), Komo Haliago Development Corporation (K500,000), Tawanda Tokaju Holdings Ltd (K300,000), Well Head Tuguba Middle Holdings (K500,000), Hides Gas Field Development Corporation (K500,000), Hape Holdings (K900,000), Hides 4 Womens Umbrella Association (K100,000), Hides 4 PDL7 Womens Umbrella Company Ltd (K400,000) and Hides 4 Landowners Umbrella Association Inc. (K1,000,000).
Mr Andreas said in his letter to Mr Tosali that it has become necessary for DCI to resubmit the list for Hides PDL 1 and Hides PDL 7 due to the sensitivity of those projects areas and associated disputes that are likely to arise from disparities in benefit distribution.

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