"We declare our first goal to be for every person to be dynamically involved in the process of freeing himself or herself from every form of domination or oppression so that each man or woman will have the opportunity to develop as a whole person in relationship with others".

- Papua New Guinea National Goals and Directive Principles

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Southern Highlands Social Indicators

Here are some basic statistics on the Southern Highlands region, where the LNG project will be hosted. As was evidenced in the SBS documentary Resource Rage, people from the region are struggling to understand the complex impact the project will have on their region both socially, environmentally, culturally and demographically. High levels of illiteracy and poor levels of education do not assist matters.

Source: National Research Institute, (2010), Papua New Guinea District and Provincial Profiles

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  1. Very professional and well done job for voicing out the mouthpieces for the locals on the social network. Its about time the people speak for themselves.

    All thumbs guys.