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- Papua New Guinea National Goals and Directive Principles

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wagambie is Acting Commissioner

By TODAGIA KELOLA (Post Courier, 11/11/10)
THE Government yesterday suspended the Police Commissioner Gari Baki and appointed Anthony Wagambie as the acting Commissioner and promoted Chief Superintendent Fred Yakasa to the post of Deputy Commissioner Operations.
The move by the Government was expected.
Leaked correspondence by the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to Mr Baki last week charging him with misleading the Government over a K10 million kina funding for the LNG police operations.
The National Executive Council met late in the afternoon yesterday and suspended Mr Baki and appointed Mr Wagambie and Yakasa to act as Commissioner and deputy Commissioner Operations respectively.
In an exclusive interview with the Post-Courier the two officers said they were excited but humbled in the Government’s decision to appoint them to head the disciplinary force that has been faithful to the Constitution of the country since Independence.
Acting Commissioner Wagambie said he had served the force for almost 40 years, 10 of them as Assistant Commissioner and now he has eventually reached the top post in the force.
“I want to thank the Government of the day for their confidence in me and I will do my utmost best to repay their confidence. Without boasting I think I am one of the few officers who had served in all five regions of the country in which I will use this experience to run the force in my term as acting Commissioner.”
On the question of fears that the suspension of Mr Baki and his appointment as Commissioner might trigger disharmony and disaffection in the force , Mr Wagambie said: “It is the prerogative of the Government of the day, and the rank and file of the force are fully aware of that, their loyalty should be with the duly appointed Commissioner, and I call on them to respect the decision of the Government and carry out out their normal constitutional duty in maintaining law and order in the country instead of forming groups. For the general public, have no fear because I will not allow any such disaffection to happen in the force” he reiterated.
He also stated that he would be working very closely with his new Deputy Commissioner Operations to try and bring back the confidence of the public back to the force.
Newly-appointed acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Fred Yakasa who jumped two ranks from his substantive rank of Chief Superintendent to DCP operations said he was excited but humbled in the Government’s confidence in him and said, “there is a lot of work to be done but with a very experienced acting Commissioner in all faucets of Police work I think I am confident and look forward to the tasks ahead.”
The two men are expected to move in to their offices this morning.

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