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Monday, 24 January 2011

Villagers' attack shuts PNG gas plant

LNGWATCH PNG: A news report from ABC Asia Pacific (24/1/11) ... Unfortunatley, too many of the elite have already started to spend all the wealth they expect to reap from LNG (if not in reality, certainly in their imagination). These sort of interventions by local villagers will be tolerated in the short term, but any serious threat to the project's timely development will be met with military force, if the past is anything to go by.

The developer of Papua New Guinea's multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas project has shut down construction work on a site following an attack on its workers.

It is the second attack following a forced shutdown by landowners last week.

Hundreds of villagers attacked four employees of the Australian -based international contractor to the gas project, Clough Curtain JV, last Friday.

The employees received treatment on site for serious injuries.

Authorities say PNG highland villagers attacked the workmen.

They are angry over the death of a child allegedly from chemicals spilled from the construction work,

The developer, ExxonMobil, has confirmed the attacks on its workmen at the Hides gas conditioning plant as work of ''illegal intruders''.

Spokesman Miles Shaw says the reasons for the attack are unknown and police are investigating.

He says construction work has been shut down while the employees' safety is being addressed.

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  1. This is not good for the LNG Project because its hindering the continuity of the project on time as well as treathening the life's of skilled international and local workers..The government should increase the number of Police up at the LNG Project sites to complement the existing police and G4S Security guards.