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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Post-Courier - Publishing Press Releases as News ... Again.

The Post-Courier is publishing press releases for Exxon-Mobil again.

Last week on 5 December Exxon-Mobil announced on its website: “Trainees graduate from first stage of training”. The link is dead. However, two days later a story on an extremely similar theme, written like a press statement, appears in the Post Courier.  Corporate power is real, it is a shame our major daily is so easily corruptible. The loggers have The National, the miners Post Courier. What paper do the people have?

Skilling the PNG LNG workforce

Post-Courier (7/12/11)

THE LNG workforce from the four impact villages of Portion 152, which are Boera, Papa, Lealea and Porebada, attended a half day workshop on up skilling employees, last Friday at the Shady Rest Hotel.
The four hours workshop was facilitated by Boera Holdings, the landowner company for Boera village with the support of Laba Holdings Limited.
President of the Boera LNG Workforce, Konio Lohia said that the workshop with the theme "Providing Solutions for a Better Tomorrow" basically targeted the management level like managers and supervisors.
She added that both male and female workers attended the workshop which was to up skill and better prepare them for the LNG project as well as discuss other issues.
Other LNG workers representatives from the other three villages were encouraged to also attend the workshop. Lohia added that Boera village contributes about 500 local workers alone who are employed through Laba Holdings in the LNG project.
"We will use the workshop to discuss on issues both social and economical that is affecting our villages and try to find solutions to those problems," she said.
"We at Boera Holdings are taking the lead through the workshop so that our colleagues from the other three villages will be able to learn from the discussions at the workshop and go back to their villages and plan their activities," she said.
"We aim to bring back the fruits of our labour in the LNG Project to benefit our families and the village communities and at the same time try and manage the social problems within our community," Mrs Lohia said.
Since the LNG project construction phase, there have been changes occurring in the lifestyles within the community and we have to be on par with the current trend of change happening here and elsewhere," she said.

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  1. It's a shame to see that PC doesn't have the creativity to go out to where things happen and report first hand information other than getting it off LNG press releases! I thought they (PC) were better than that!