"We declare our first goal to be for every person to be dynamically involved in the process of freeing himself or herself from every form of domination or oppression so that each man or woman will have the opportunity to develop as a whole person in relationship with others".

- Papua New Guinea National Goals and Directive Principles

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Police Association Warns: RPNGC Works for Private Patrons

Blinked and you would have missed it, but here is a very interesting posting by NBC news that appeared on Facebook last Sunday:

The Police Association, meanwhile, alleges, a lot of money is being used to keep the Police force responsive to orders the political masters involved in the current political developments. Association General Secretary Clemence Kanau says, the Association is serious concerned, this should not be the case, since the police force is only responsible to the national constitutional. 
"When our police members came in from the highlands region,they are not reporting to one or reporting or advocating for the constitution but they are reporting for the interest of individuals. And we are told, lot of funds, lot of money has been used in terms of making sure our policemen are being responsive to the cause of money but not the cause of the constitution. We have tirelessly in the last couple of years, raised salary and allowances of the policemen, three consecutive times and we are happy that the policemen today are highly paid, but because of the money and because of their interest to serve the politicians of the day, force is now divided, we are very much concerned"

Readers will recall similar concerns were raised in 2010 and 2011, when it was found the RPNGC was on Esso Highlands payroll. Indeed on the 10 November 2010, LNG Watch wrote: "A figure of K2 million has been cited as the per month subsidy Exxon Mobil are/will provide the RPNGC for security services". 

Unfortunately, it appears from Kanau's comments the problem persists. This raises the question, if the police are working for their political and economic paymasters, who is policing the powerful?

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