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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Are Esso Highlands Lying to their Workers?

The infamous Esso Highlands worker/contractor Justin Reed posted the following blog on 10 February 2012. We exposed this post because of its racist and demeaning characterisation of Papua New Guineans. However, If we can ignore for a moment Justin's racist views, this post describes the recent incident involving the death of a PNG LNG worker. What hasn't been reported in the media - but which is documented in this post - is that the PNG LNG worker who ran over his colleague was also killed by angry relatives. Moreover, it also appears PNG LNG workers were told to resume work just two hours after the revenge killing (to Justin's great surprise). 

We have yet to verify this claim. However, it is the suspicion of LNG Watch that Esso Highlands are attempting to cover up the dangers of working in the region (i.e. due to landowner grievances/bulldozing of the project), because they are afraid such information might deter foreign workers. Thus more evidence which suggests Esso Highlands are not exercising proper project stewardship, as their own Independent Social and Environmental consultant has claimed. This is putting the lives of the surrounding community and LNG workers at risk (4 LNG workers have died to date, while 25+ people were killed as a result of a landslide near a quarry run by a Esso Highlands' contractor). 

LNG's Independent Environmental and Social Consultant has also suggested construction schedules are taking priority over safety and risk assessment. This blog would seem to support that claim. 

PNG Landslide

By Justin Reed

(originally posted on the now defunct Call Me Big Papua Blog on 10 Feb 2012)

I was browsing the internet thinking of a comical way to start this blog entry, but wanted it to relate somehow to my current life.  As you all may have read from the assholes at CNN, there was a landslide in PNG and shits been wrecked for weeks.  I went looking for something about a landslide and came accross a mexican landslide... Urban dictionary describes a mexican landslide as..

"A sexual position in which you ride someone in the asshole down a staircase on a mattress"

The rest of this blog has nothing to do with that.... Largely in part because there are not many staircases in the area.  Anyways, for those of you that refuse to give into a communist news network there was a big landslide here two weeks ago, killed 26 and others are missing.  On top of that it cut off the road between my camp and civilization.  Our entire operation is split down the middle right now with half of our stuff and people on one side and me, another white guy, some machines and some brownies on the other side.  I got to ride in a chopper the other day for the first time in my life and I've always wanted to ride in one, just not in Papua New Guinea.  Now I am one of two white men in our camp which is about a ten minute drive to the landslide.  Pretty crazy shit eh?

It gets crazier... way crazier

Today we got locked down and the email was vague and didnt really tell us what was going on.  It would be fine except like I said earlier I am one of two white men in our camp.  We got on the phone and tried to figure out what and where shit was going down.  It turn out that another company about halway between us and the landslide had an operator running some piece of machinery and he ran over one of the other workers who was acting as a spotter.  Tragedy yes but it got worse that the spotter was from the area and the operator was not.  The operator was from an area about two hours away.  I emphasize was because the operator isnt from anywhere anymore.  Within a minute of running the guy over the operator was pulled from the machine by angry locals and beaten/sliced/shredded/kicked/deficated on/further beaten until death was probably his best option.  In fear of these crazed locals getting any ideas every camp locked down and shit was suspended.  Not kidding less than two hours later shit was cleared and everyone acted like nothing happened (except for the operator).  Best part of all of this is that we are cleared by the government to begin the clearing of the landslide tomorrow at 7 am.  In order to do it we have to give some sort of tribute/memorial service thing to the 26 deceased.  I have no problem with that except I have to drive through this area where if shit goes down I cant speed away forward because there is a side of a mountain blocking a kilometer of road.  So my gameplan right now is if anything goes down I am going to do what I do everytime conflict finds me....

Make them taste the mother fuckin rainbow... Skittles

I got a red original pack and the crazy purple bag.  If they want to kill me after I blow their mind that is their loss.  Well I guess I lose too. But I am feeling lucky.. Made it through a payday today with no threats and generally happy people.

What is the worst about everything that happened today is I realized I have a terrible terrible gambling problem.  Faced with all these issues today, all i could think about is how pissed I was that I didnt hedge my bet on the Round Robin 4 team I bet today.  For those of you who dont know about round robin look it up, but its sorta like a but of parlays bundled up.  I picked four upset parlays in lakers warrior rockets and st marys.  Some bigger upsets than others but all on the positive moneline.  I threw about 50 bucks on it total and it all came down to the St marys game.  I got distracted and missed the pregame hedge so in the end I had about 530 bucks riding on st marys.  Nobody told me patty mills graduated.  I missed out on big money lost the laker over under side bet by .5 . Very angry about how it turned out but glad to be alive... I guess

Oh yea, I am now playing temple run like a chief.... Soon very soon matt thompson



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