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- Papua New Guinea National Goals and Directive Principles

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Podcast Exclusive - Expert Discusses Tumbi Disaster and Media Response

Exclusive to LNG Watch, Dr Kristian Lasslett from the International State Crime Initiative discusses the recent events in Tumbi and the media's response.

The LNG Watch Podcast can be downloaded here. (The author has given permission for this podcast to be freely distributed via other websites and media outlets)


  1. I hope there will be an independent enquiry into this tragic accident. I am appalled by the lack of coverage by the BBC website, which only reported the initial landslide, with no mention of a possible connection with the LNG project. The BBC did the same with the Chevron oil rig which caught fire off the coast of Nigeria on 17 January, killing two workers, and the fire is still burning. And last December the BBC only covered the initial sinking of the oil rig off the coast of Sakhalin, and the known death toll at that time.

    1. It is sad. Probably one AP article syndicated across the place. Worse still, the media in Australia and PNG, with honourable exceptions dropped the ball. Very little on the ground reporting. Anyway, we have been working with landowners in the area, and through the help of the PNG Trade Union Congress, a press release will hopefully be coming out today.

      Sad but, one can only wonder if a similar event happened in the UK or Australia - god forbid - the media would find the issue more compelling (past examples would suggest yes).