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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The National and the Salvation Army Aid and Abet ExxonMobil

At the moment it is not clear whether Esso Highlands (ExxonMobil subsidiary) is liable for the landslide in Tumbi. The government, as we predicted, are trying to whitewash the whole affair; using the tragedy of the Rabaul Queen as a diversion. 

And the media is happy to play its part by failing to ask absolutely basic and essential questions. Worse still, The National has come out and published Esso Highland's latest press release as a news report. Corporate public relations offensives, particularly in light of possible criminality, should not be given free air play; if they want to advertise their efforts, let them pay for an advertisement. 

Furthermore, the Salvation Army (see below) should be ashamed of itself. By taking money from a key suspect in this affair, they are now complicit if any criminal activity is uncovered with respect to this disaster. 

The Press Release

The News Report

The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

ESSO Highlands Ltd, operator of the LNG project, has donated K179,000 to support relief efforts following the landslide in Southern Highlands.
The amount will be given to the Papua New Guinea Salvation Army.
It includes a K41,000 donation made last year to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

The Salvation Army will use the money to support the affected people in the Hides area.

Esso managing director Peter Graham said the thoughts of all their employees and contractors were with the people affected by the landslide.

“This is a difficult time for families in the area who are mourning their loved ones,” he said.

“Our support for the Salvation Army will go toward assisting these families.

“We continue to offer our support to the government and the community and have already provided assistance in the form of transportation, food and temporary housing.

“We stand ready and willing to assist the government in their efforts.”
Major Rex Johnson, the Salvation Army’s secretary for programmes, welcomed the support.

“This donation will enable the Salvation Army to carry out its disaster management and relief work in a more efficient and effective way. Our prayers are with the families affected by the landslide in the Hides area.”

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