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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

PM urged to stand firm on LNG issues


The Post-Courier, 29 February 2012

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has been urged to stand firm on any decision he makes with regards to the LNG Project landowners issues such as the infrastructure development grant (IDG) and other government commitments.

Chairman of Hides 4 petroleum development licence (PDL7) Landowners Association Chris Payabe said whatever decision Prime Minister O’Neill makes either be good or bad, must not be influenced by outsiders.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, you are a Southern Highlander yourself and you must remember that these are your own people and the project is yours as well. 

“Whatever decision you make must not be influenced by others. Make a firm stand and let the landowners go back home with the project funds and let them implement the projects. Whether they implement the projects or not is something for the Expenditure Implementation Committee’s Audit Team to check,” Mr Payabe said yesterday.

The chairman also stated that uf the National Government wanted the PNG LNG Project to operate unhindered, it should intervene immediately through the Office of the Prime Minister and pay the landowners immediately before the end of February, 2012. “If the funds are not released by the end of February 2012, I will not hesitate to stop all operations starting with Hides 4 PDL 7. The National Planning Secretary has put out a media statement, advising the landowners that the IDG will be paid by the second week of January and all that is happening is contradicting what has been published in the newspapers,” he said.

Mr Payabe said since January 2012, the Government through the office of the Secretaries of National Planning and Finance and Treasury had made several promises to pay the landowners and this had never been done to date.

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