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Saturday, 18 February 2012

PNG Nationals Missing Out

PNG Industry News, 10 February 2012.

EXPATS in the oil and gas game in Papua New Guinea are making more money than anywhere else in the world, according to the results of Hays’ 2012 salary guide. But PNG nationals are among the lowest paid.

The average annual wage for petroleum-working expats in PNG was $US189,000 ($A176,000) – the highest for this category out of the 53 countries in the study.

Australia has the most LNG-related construction work going on, and the petroleum expats there came in second place with an average wage of $173,100.

While the Australian-born petroleum workers in their home country received a smaller average annual wage of $164,000 – PNG nationals in PNG’s oil and gas realm were only earning an average of $29,600.

The wage level in this category was significantly below other countries with applicable results, with only locals in war-torn Sudan doing worse with an average annual wage that was $400 lower.

The Philippines has become a haven for outsourced call centres, but even its locally born oil and gas workers were receiving an average wage of $37,100, while local Iraqi oilies are earning an average of $36,900 in their risky nation.

Other top countries for high average expat oil and gas worker annual salaries include Trinidad and Tobago ($162,400), Indonesia ($157,200), Denmark ($154,400) and Vietnam ($151,900).

Oil-rich Norway was one of the few countries where the locals earned more than the expats with an impressive average wage of $180,300.

The survey had more than 14,400 respondents, including more than 1200 who work with a “global super major”

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