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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Exxon claims PNG LNG is on Schedule

Post Courier, 15 March 2012

ESSO Highlands Ltd (EHL), the ExxonMobil Corp’s subsidiary operator of the multibillion kina PNG LNG Project is adamant that the engineering and procurement construction (EPC) activities are on target to meet its scheduled project deadline.

Media and Communications Adviser for EHL Rebecca Arnold told reporters during a media workshop and tour at the Portion 152 LNG plant site outside Port Moresby that despite hiccups, the project remains committed to deliver on schedule.

Ms Arnold said the LNG project led by ExxonMobil will have its first LNG shipment by 2014 as schedule to its energy hungry Asian markets. Messrs Sam Koyama and Michael Smith from EHL’s External Affairs Department and Ms Arnold briefed the media on the project activities and updates.

Ms Arnold said certain segments of the ECP works have been completed including the Hides Wellpad B earthworks, Hides telecom tower and Hides landfill cells while Hides Wellpad a earthworks has just commenced by EPC4 contractor CBI Clough Joint Venture.

Also at the Hide Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP), the first drilling rig arrived in PNG last year and is being mobilised to its first drilling location. The commissioning of the second drill rig is completed and preparing for shipment to PNG while the first well spud or physical drilling is to begin this year. However, only 50 percent of earthworks for the Komo Airfield is completed while the installation of the first foundation for the terminal building has just commenced.

Asked what the purpose of building Komo Air Field was, Ms Arnold responded, “to bring in heavy machineries and equipment for the HGCP”. Further queried wether it would fulfill the purpose of building the airfield when it was just half completed and on time to complete the HGCP, she insisted, “we will. All within the project schedule.”

They stressed that in 2012, they expect the first plane to fly out of Komo Airfield. They said the heavy machineries and equipment for HGCP would not be transport from Lae and the EPC contractor McConnel Dowel and Consolidated Contractor Group Offshore Joint Venture is working on to complete the airfield.

For the pipelines, more than 160 kilometres were welded while installation of fiber optic cable is continuing for the onshore segment while 135 kilometres offshore pipe laying completed to date among other activates along the offshore segments.

Other aspects of the project as updated, all drilling to commence in 2012 while pipeline from Gobe to Kutubu on scheduled to complete while all LNG tanks at Portion 152 is scheduled to complete.

Ron Gregory, business manager for EHL at Portion 152 said the pipe installation for gas Train 1 and steel work progressing while work on Train 2 is progressing with steel erection. He said more than half of the maritime jetty piles installed while work on LNG Tanks has their foundation completed while tank erection just commenced while other related works were still in progressing. 

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