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- Papua New Guinea National Goals and Directive Principles

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Exxon Remains Silent on Alleged Tamadigi Shooting

LNG Watch reported that on the 3rd of April, according to eyewitness testimony, there was a shooting incident at the PNG LNG's Tamadigi Camp involving RPNGC Mobile Squads. Attached to the post were photos of one injured worker and one deceased worker. 

The Injured Worker

ExxonMobil suggested the death had nothing to do with the shootings, indeed they refused to confirm whether the alleged shooting incident even took place.

However, according to RNZI who broke the story, ExxonMobil confirmed an investigation was under way. 

That was 6 April, it is now 26 April. 

As a responsible operator surely ExxonMobil should have made public the findings of its investigation. What was the cause of the deceased worker's death? Did the RPNGC Mobile Squads indeed open fire on LNG workers?

Of course, we assume this is a mere oversight on ExxonMobil's part - they would not after all be sweeping this under the rug, with assistance from a largely compliant press contingent. 

We wait with baited breath for Exxon to go public with its findings.

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