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Monday, 30 April 2018

Papua New Guinea LNG project resumes exports

Reuters are reporting that a LNG tanker has left Papua New Guinea laden with the first export cargo since the country’s giant LNG project resumed production after a major earthquake triggered a shutdown in February.

The tanker’s destination was not immediately clear, but the resumption of shipments could put pressure on spot LNG prices, traders said.

ExxonMobil Corp restarted output at the project near the capital Port Moresby a fortnight ahead of schedule.

The 172 000 m3 capacity LNG tanker Kumul, custom-built for the PNG LNG project, left the project terminal with a draft of 91%, suggesting it is nearly full.

The Kumul unloaded an LNG cargo at the PNG terminal on 4 April. It was anchored nearby until 14 April, before loading the cargo from the terminal on 15 April.

ExxonMobil had said in early April that it had imported an LNG cargo to the project’s terminal in order ensure tanks at the PNG facilities remained cold.

The 170 000 m3 capacity LNG tanker Papua is currently anchored near the Kumul Marine Terminal, while the 165 000 m3 capacity LNG tanker Bishu Maru is headed to Port Moresby.

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